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Since 1997, we have been helping foreigners and nationals, put together real estate transactions with ease. Our bilingual staff has been with the company almost from out founding, and takes pride in being of service to you. Whether you need help in selling, buying, renting, managing or just need advice about real estate taxes, we are here to help YOU.


Constant Communication…

You should expect to hear or receive a progress report at least twice per month. Even if there has been little or no activity on your home, you should hear about it from your agent.

Availability to Handle Inquiries…

From you and from prospects! I welcome calls to our office. If you have any concerns, I want to deal with them immediately. If I am not in the office, please call my cellular phone.

Constant and Effective Advertising…

Your agent should have a plan to let you where, when, and how often your home will be showcased. Various advertising magazines are available, Point South, Ojo del Lago, Guadalajara Reporter and Lake Chapala Review.

Full-Time, Dedicated Effort…

You should expect no less than 100% effort from your agent. I am dedicated to serving the best of my sellers.



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